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Get Help

If you run into issues or need help with Gramps Web, please pick one of the following options.

Forum Backend issues Frontend issues

See below for some guidance on where to head first.

Asking questions

The official Gramps Discourse forum has a separate category for Gramps Web. Please use it to ask any questions you may have about Gramps Web, for instance

  • Questions on the usage of Gramps Web
  • Questions on the configuration of Gramps Web
  • Troubleshooting a deployment of Gramps Web
  • Ideas about improvements to Gramps Web
  • ...

Reporting issues

If you encounter a problem that you believe is a bug in Gramps Web, please support it via Github.

There are two separate repositories for the code used in Gramps Web, one for the user interface (“frontend”) and one for the server code (“backend”):

If you are unsure where to file an issue, don't worry and just choose either of the two – the maintainers will be able to transfer the issue if necessary.

Suggesting enhancements

For general ideas and discussion about future improvements, feel free to open a discussion in the forum. You may also want to check the issue pages (see links above) whether a particular feature is already planned or being worked on.

For specific enhancements with a limited scope, feel free to directly open an issue with a feature request on Github.