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Development setup

This page describes the steps needed to start with frontend development. It is assumed that you are using Ubuntu Linux and you will need Docker, docker-compose, and git.

Step 1: Clone the repository

Clone the frontend repository

git clone
cd gramps-web

Step 2: Build and start the development containers

To build and start the containers running the Gramps Web backend with the Gramps example database, as well as the frontend in development mode, simply run

docker-compose up -d

Options for logging in are: owner, editor, contributor, guest or member (use same word for both username and password).


Do not use the development server in production.

As part of the build process, git hooks for formatting and linting will be installed as well.

Usage instructions

Once the containers are up and running, Gramps Web will be accessible at http://localhost:5555.

Once you make changes to the frontend code, you browser will be reloaded automatically.

The installed git hooks will format and lint the code on every commit. You can run the scripts manually using

docker-compose run gramps-frontend format
docker-compose run gramps-frontend lint