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Gramps Web development: overview

Gramps Web is a web application that consists of two components that are developed separately:

  • Gramps Web API is a RESTful API written in Python and based on Flask. The source code is hosted at It manages database access and genealogical functions directly leveraging the Gramps Python library. It serves as the backend of Gramps Web. For development documentation, see Backend.
  • Gramps Web Frontend is a Javascript web application that serves as the frontend to Gramps Web. The source code is hosted at For development documentation, see Frontend.

A note on versioning: Gramps Web API and and the Gramps Web frontend are versioned independently. At present, "Gramps Web" – the combined application – does not have a separate version number. Both projects adhere to SemVer.

If you are not a Python or Javascript developer but would still like to contribute to Gramps Web, check out Contribute.