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Add media files

There are two ways to add a new media file (an image, audio file, video file, or any other file):

Add a new standalone media file

To add a standalone media file, click the + icon in the top app bar and select "Media Object".

Click on "select a file" to select a file from your computer. On a mobile device, clicking this button will give you the option of directly taking a photo with your device's camera.


  • enter a description of the media file under "title"
  • enter a date
  • set the media file as private (which will make it visible only to users with sufficient authorization)

Click "add" to upload the file and create the media object.

The following object types in Gramps can have media objects attached: people, families, events, places, sources, and citations.

In the detail view of any object, click the blue edit button in the bottom right (if you do not see it, your user does not have edit permissions). Click on the "gallery" tab and click the blue + button.

A dialog will open that offers the same fields as described in the previous section. Click "save" to upload the file, add a new media object, and link it to the viewed object.