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Gramps Web Setup

This section deals with the installation and setup of Gramps Web, as well as other options to get started.

Getting started with Gramps Web

Gramps Web is a web app that runs on a server and is accessed via the web browser. It is meant to be made accessible to authenticated users via the internet.

If you want to use Gramps Web for your genealogical research data, you have to choose one of the following options:

  1. Self-host on your own hardware
  2. Self-host in the cloud
  3. Sign up for a hosted instance

While the first option gives you maximal flexibility and control, it can also be technically challenging.


One of the main principles of Gramps Web is to put users in control of their own data at any time, so migrating data from one instance to another is simple. Don't worry about being locked in after having chosen one of the options!

Self-host on your own hardware

The most convenient way to self-host Gramps Web is via Docker Compose. We also provide Docker images for the ARM architecture, so you can run Gramps Web on a Raspberry Pi in your basement.

See Deploy with Docker for setup instructions.

Self-host in the cloud

Installing Gramps Web can be more challenging than other, simple web applications and is not compatible with ordinary "shared hosting" providers. You can sign up for a virtual server and install Gramps Web manually.

A simpler option is to use a pre-installed cloud image. One example is our DigitalOcean 1-click app.

Sign up for a hosted instance

A hosted Gramps Web is the easiest way to get started with Gramps Web, since no installation or configuration is required.

Here is a list of dedicated hosting providers for Gramps Web (the Gramps open source community does not take responsibility for their services):

If you use a hosted option for Gramps Web, you can skip the rest of this section and jump right to the Administration section.