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Customizing the frontend

The Gramps Web frontend is a Javascript application that is deployed as a set of static HTML, CSS, and Javascript files. Normally, no special configuration is necessary for the frontend. However, some behaviour can be changed by setting appropriate options in the config.js file at the root of the distriubtion.

The file should have the following structure:

window.grampsjsConfig = {
    option: value

The following option keys exist.

Key Type Description
hideRegisterLink boolean If true, hide the registration link on the login page. This should be used for multi-tree deployments.
loginRedirect string URL to redirect to when not logged in and navigating to any page other than "login" or "register"
leafletTileUrl string Custom tile URL for Leaflet maps
leafletTileSize number Custom tile size for Leaflet maps
leafletZoomOffset number Custom zoom offset for Leaflet maps
leafletTileAttribution string Custom attribution for Leaflet maps